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Dear Visitor:

“Slightly Off-Center”. Non-conformist, different, edgy, and slightly off-center are words that have been used to describe me. What fun life is. It must be so boring and sad to be just like everyone else. And those are words that could be used to describe my wall art quilts, because they are an extension of me, since they reflect what I am feeling at the time.

I have a vivid and active imagination. I love history and the Bible. I am troubled by problems our society faces and long for childhood innocence. All of these things plus conversations, news, and politics will inspire a quilt. My message is designed to provoke thought and discussion and hopefully some action by the viewer.

My knowledge of quilting began in my early teens. My mother taught me to sew and Granny Allen introduced me to making bed quilts using traditional patterns. My mother-in-law was a traditional quilter. I spent two years with her during her struggle with cancer and we quilted everyday. This period of my life was a time of self discovery and I discovered self expression through art quilting. I also discovered that I needed a few art classes to learn basic fundamentals. I have taken art quilting classes from nationally acclaimed quilt artists to learn additional techniques which I have adapted to my style.

I hope that as you browse you will take the time to read the stories behind each quilt. And if I have touched you, you may purchase a quilt, commission me to make a quilt, or you may purchase art cards.

I would love to hear from you. Please drop me a note in the comment section and share your thoughts with me.

Jo Ann Grimes

Last Man Out

June 26 , 2011 In: Quilts

Going Home

June 26 , 2011 In: Quilts

Proud As

July 18 , 2010 In: Quilts

Proud As (Click here for more information)

Against All Odds

June 17 , 2010 In: Quilts

Against All Odds (Click here for more information)

The Journey

June 16 , 2010 In: Quilts

The Journey (Click here for more information)

The Big Bang

June 16 , 2010 In: Quilts

The Big Bang (Click here for more information)

The Joseph Quilt

June 14 , 2010 In: Quilts

The Joseph Quilt (Click here for more information)

The Virtuous Woman

May 9 , 2010 In: Quilts


The Virtuous Woman (Click here for more information)

Marriage of Froggie’O

March 28 , 2010 In: Quilts

Marriage of Froggie’O (Click here for more information)

Eros Aionios

March 22 , 2010 In: Quilts

Eros Aionios (Click here for more information)